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    Don't know where the work I did on my project go.

    cosita Level 1

      I started working on a project weeks ago. barely did anything.  Yesterday I started working on it again, advanced half of the project, saved, open a different project, imported some XML files. when I went back to the original project it didn't open, displayed error. Restarted computer, open project again, this time it opened, only hiccup it reverted the project as to how I left it weeks ago.  Pretty much nothing. 

      All of my work is gone.  What happened.  If I saved numerous times yesterday and today, how come is all gone, it's not in autosave either.  It actually only shows 1 project in that folder and when I open it is the same as the project it reverted to.


      Please help, I don't want to start from scratch.


      Premiere Pro CC 2014

      iMac OS X Version 10.9.5