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    No Waveforms for Mulitcam clips

    dparsons85 Level 1

      My multicam clips do not show waveforms. It seems like I should be able to generate them by going to Sequence > Render Audio but that tells me it's going to take over an hour for my 2 minute video. This doesn't seem right, especially since rendering the video will only take 5 minutes.


      Any suggestions for what I can try to reduce the render time? The multicam channels are a simple stereo pair.


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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          "My multicam clips do not show waveforms."


          Are you talking about just having them visible on the timeline while editing or is this a final export issue? If just you want to see them on the timeline, adjust the height of the track and they'll become visible as the track gets "taller" on the timeline.