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    Developing an iPhone image naming convention.

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      I'm in a bit of an odd predicament here.. I'm having an issue developing a functional, readable naming convention for my iPhone files. I'm pretty confident with archive work, have read Peter Krogh's manuals front to back but I'm pretty stumped here.


      For the most part, I used a fairly standard convention for all of my image filenames:


      "YYMMDD_SUBJECTDESCRIPTION_SEQUENCE#" followed by the extension.


      As of now, all of my iPhone files from 2012 and on (I got an iPhone in 2012) are unnamed and sitting in a folder with their original filenames, "IMG_0001" and so forth.

      However, with iPhone photos, I do not need a subject description since I shoot so much with my iPhone and I can leave this up to metadata. So I just need a YYMMDD date prefix and a sequence number and I do not wish to have the photographs put in individual folders by date because that would take too much time and wouldn't promote quick reading.


      If I went ahead and started renaming the files in the folder, I would run into the following problem:


      Let's say I have 3 iphone photos from september 8th and I rename them using date created, the "IMG_0000" files would become



      and I have 3 iPhone photos from september 9th:

      a batch rename would make those files look like this:








      And the problem lays in the section I highlighted in bold and underlined.. the sequence numbers become irrelevant, if I looked at this folder in a few years I would think there were photos missing from september 9th since the sequence numbers start at 4. I know that using Bridge, I could sort the files by each individual date and have accurate sequence numbers that way. But I have over 6000 photos and that would take too long. I'm totally open to suggestions for work arounds.


      I know this is a personal preference and I hope nobody sees this question as an abuse of this forum... but I thought I would ask.