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    PS 13.0 cannot be upgraded with downloaded installer. CS6 removed from Adobe site - only CS5 and earlier are listed?


      Can anyone explain how to find the latest updaters for CS6 Design Standard for Mac that can be downloaded manually and saved to disk?


      We do not want to use our bandwidth having all our users log on and update separately.


      In the past this was no problem, since Adobe used to have all its updaters, with useful explanations that would help us decide if we wanted to overwrite our existing versions.


      I tried 'chat' twice and repeatedly got nonsense answers, telling me that Adobe never has given links to download updaters, and Adobe has always only provided updates via each installed application! When presented with the link to Adobe's downloaders from CS5 on back




      , the 'chat' techs simply ignored this or made a non-responsive response.


      i filed a complaint about this via Adobe's site and got no response. At a minimum, I expected 'chats' to be responsive and make sense.


      Now 'chat' is no longer available for CS5 users.


      When I try installing the downloaded dog files I used in the past for CS6, like the one to get PS 13.0 to 13..0.6, I get the error message:

      "Update Failed This patch is not applicable for you. Contact sutomer support".


      The link provided leads you to Creative Cloud. (My gut instinct is that this is part of an attempt to sell CC, which I will never recommend to anyone due to Adobe's failure to maintain good records of our hundreds of licenses over the years.) I also note there is no Adobe Forum called "Creative Suite" - only Photoshop or Creative Cloud.


      As mentioned above, I found Adobe's response to my question about the downloads page 'cloudy' enough!


      I suppose I could use Pacifist to extract the files manually, but I am hoping for a better solution!