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    C300 Red Frames and other experiences with 2014




      Just incase it's helpful, I'm sharing my experiences with Premiere 2014, C300 footage and a few other things.  First about me.  I have a small studio with two new mac mini's and one macbook bro running CC.  We recently bought a C300 and upgraded to 2014. 


      We've only had one project started and finished with C300.  Red frames and crashing were a constant problem.   We muscled through it.  Restart, Disk Permissions repair, PRAM,  bow to the east.


      Our next c300 project we just started.  I only have two interviews so far.  In 2014, one interview has red frames in it for about 10 of the 35 minutes.  After reading a bunch here I started a new 2014 project, imported that interview via the media browser and still got red frames. 


      Just for giggles, I opened up the previous version of premiere,  CC,  on the same machine, started a new project and imported the clip via the media browser.  There are NO red frames in the interview.  The only difference is the version of Premiere.  Same drive, same media, same mac.


      Most old projects the I've upgraded to 2014 crash constantly.  These consist of ProRes footage from an Atomos Ninja.  I've deleted my media cache on all my machines.  This problem has been pretty consistent. 


      For now, I'm going to work in CC.  On another thread, I hear there's a 2014 update on the way.  We'll see. 


      Good luck!