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    Various bugs – Library view issue / import and copy problem / unsupported paths message


      In addition to the issues reported in a separate thread regarding importing video, there are several other bugs that are preventing me from progressing on a project and/or indicate instability in Edge Animate.  These issues don’t occur on new projects (yet), but are present in my current composition.


      I'm using the latest version of Edge Animate CC 2014 (2014.1.1) on a Windows 8 Pro (fully updated) system.


      Issue 1 – Library View


      For all the assets that have been imported, when I twirl down to view the thumbnail of each asset in the Library, nothing appears in the thumbnail area.  In earlier iterations of this project, all the items appeared correctly, but now nothing is there for any of the assets.  See sample below of what should appear (and what was there before), and what’s there now (nothing).




      Issue 2 – Asset Import Problem


      When I try to add an already imported image asset to the stage (or try to import a new image asset in the project), the item doesn’t appear properly – it just comes in as a dot with no height or width.  See samples below of what the imported asset looks like on the stage and its size information.




      Assets that were imported and placed before this bug occurred are still visible on the stage. But, if I copy one of these assets, the copy retains the size information, but does not appear at all. See sample.




      Issue 3 – Unsupported Paths message


      When I close the project, I get an unsupported paths message.  See sample.


      edge_animate _unsupported_paths.jpg


      Despite this message, the assets appear in the project from within Edge and are present in the project if I open/preview the HTML file in my browser.



      Since these three issues relate to project assets, perhaps they are related.  I can provide a link to download this project if you like. Any help would be greatly appreciated!