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    Lightroom is slow (30 to 40 secs) to start up

    Ole Pa Level 1

      I have an older Macbook Pro and my Lightroom application is slow to come up.  I think it may be waiting on the USB attached disk, but I'd like to observe the aggregate and real-time waits it's doing on disk reads/writes (such as a time-based graph of the size of the disk op wait queues).   My catalog has just over 100K images.  I've tried the following:


      1. Activity Monitor - only shows aggregate bytes read/written
      2. iosnoop and fs_usage - only shows traces of individual disk ops
      3. Disk Utility - only shows space usage
      4. Disk Inventory X - only show space usage


      The Activity Monitor does show the real-time CPU usage, and that's only 20% for my Lightroom application, so I don't think it's limited by the CPU.


      I have to believe that such a monitoring tool exists, but Google search can not seem to find it using the keywords I've tried.  Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


      - Thanks in advance, Jim