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    premiere pro update bugs


      I updated yesterday (Dec 9, 2014) to the latest Premiere Pro and there are all kinds of problems.

      1. It freezes up and/or crashes multiple times within an hour.

      2. Anytime I nest a clip and do warp stabilizer it appears to delete frames giving a ridiculous flicker effect.


      I need help ASAP. Need to finish projects.

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          I also got a flicker effect when I applied the Cross Dissolve video transition effect. Have not seen a clear cut way to contact Adobe to tell them this, so I tweeted my video with the render flicker transition bug to them.


          Very annoyed with them right now.


          Hope they update soon so we can get back to work.

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            I'm having the exact same problem. It's been frustrating. I've been trying to find a solution for it for the last few days. I'm irritated. I make video and post them up daily. Due to this, it's cause my work to back up. I need this problem fixed ASAP, or I better get my money back for these few months, cause I haven't been able to use the software I paid for. Someone please fix the bugs now, so I can continue us on with my work, thank you.

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              anthonyc77852913 Level 1

              I tweeted the issue to Adobe Creative Cloud. And here was there helpful response. It totally worked!


              Adobe Customer CareVerified account @AdobeCare 23h23 hours ago

              Replying to @ACastelluci @creativecloud

              Hi Anthony, you can try disabling Composite in Linear Color in Sequence > Sequence Settings. Does that help the issue? Thanks, ^KM


              Try it. Top menu bar - Sequence, then choose the top choice Sequence Settings,

              Then the Sequence Settings window opens and towards the bottom under where the resolution settings are there is a check box that seems to have defaulted in the ON position that reads: Composite in Linear Color (requires GPU acceleration or max render quality)


              Uncheck that box. And it all goes back to normal.


              I was thankful to Adobe customer care when I responded to the tweet. But just between you and me, someone at Adobe should have caught that. It is a simple but quite alarming issue. And at the very least there should be a big red warning screen that reads WARNING: YOU HAVE TO TURN OFF COMPOSITE IN LINEAR COLOR LOCATED IN SEQUENCE SETTINGS UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET FRUSTRATED AND GO SLIGHTLY NUTS!


              At least that way, we would have had the freedom to decide to waste time fixing a minor issue that could have been handled by the software engineers.