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    AE 2014.1.1 responsive scaling fuzzy text

    Henry Code Level 1

      Ok I downloaded EA 2014.1.1 and I see various bugs, here is one.

      before you could set stage to responsive scaling width and then use text and it wouldn't be fuzzy unless you animated it .

      Now right when you load text even with no animation it gets fuzzy . This was a previous issue for many, fuzzy text in responsive scaling.

      Now it's fuzzy even with out animations. Does anyone have a fix.



      Big THaNks to all...

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          Vinod Menon@Adobe Adobe Employee

          Hi Henry Code,


          Can you give following details so that we can know the issue you are facing better.


          • Operating System and its version (Mac OS, Windows)
          • Internet browser that you are testing on, its version number
          • Are you facing this issue after you upgraded to the latest version?
          • Can you embed a screenshot or video that describes your situation? Any log files that you can share with us?
          • Just in case users need to see your project, would it be possible for you to share it to a common location and share it over a private message?



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            Henry Code Level 1

            In Edge Animate CC 2014.1.1

            OS X  Yosemite 10.10.1

            Safari Version 8.0 (10600.1.25.1),  chromeVersion 39.0.2171.71 (64-bit).    ewest iOS safari and chrome.

            after publishing and testing from a live server the problem persist.

            The issue has been around for a while and several post express the same problem.

            So the last 3 versions have the same problem, but the newest 2014.1.1 is worse, even before animation it text blurs.


            firefox doesn’t have this issue though there’s a tiny jagged feel on fonts and svg’s at times.

            Chrome has a very suddle fuzziness to the text but it’s there.

            Ios safari has the same fuzzy/blurred effect iOS chrome is very close to desktop version.


            the effect is worse the more elements are involved, also in some browsers it’s momentary even on static parts, maybe a refresh thing happening


            IE wasn’t tested nor was droid , i don’t have one accessible at the moment

            Opera reacted very similar to chrome with a very cuddle blur

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              Henry Code Level 1

              I found two work arounds for fuzzy or blurred effect after animating in responsive scaling mode.

              1) all animations can be scripted manually on selected divs,elements no text fuzziness or blurry was seen.

              2)create all elements in html first then open and animate in EA but i can’t get the responsive scaling to happen in all events .

              if anyone has a fix let me know...

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                Erik Urtz Level 1

                I'm actually noticing fonts & images blurring really bad in Safari.


                Things work perfectly in FireFox. In Chrome everything loads fine, but some blur effects are introduced once you start resizing the window. I could live with that.


                Safari though, it doesn't matter, it's all blurry all the time. If you dramatically increase the page width it looks like a VHS tape on your HDTV... Even if you set the width of the browser to the native width of the composition, simply checking the 'responsive scaling' box introduces a significant amount of blur.

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                  kathart4 Level 1

                  I am using the 2015 version and still experiencing these issues. Did any of you find a solution for responsive scaling, without blurring texts and everything in Safari?

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                    up209d Level 1

                    The issue still remain now, definitely it is because of the browser itself, however if you re really don't want to live with that you can do some tricks here:


                    Deactivate the responsive scaling, add JQUERY,  and add these code below on Stage Composition Ready Event:



                    //--- BEGIN ---//


                    var scaleX = 0;


                    function fillDiv(div) {


                    currentWidth = div.width();

                    scaleX = $(window).width() / currentWidth;




                      "-webkit-transform": "translateZ(0)",

                      "-webkit-transform-origin": "0 0",

                      "zoom" : (scaleX*100)+"%"












                    $(window).bind("resize", function() { fillDiv($("#Stage"));});


                    //--- END ---//

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                      chasbln Level 1

                      Hi up209d,

                      it does work for me, but I need a solution to scale both directions x and y.

                      I need to see all the elements on any scale.

                      Do you have an idea how to modify your code?


                      Thank you!!

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                        Jalte W Level 1



                        If anybody still care (I know this post is really old and the program is no longer being updated).


                        This won't work in Firefox; it will actually make the whole thing not resposive. Best fix I can come up with is to add this code after    "zoom" : (scaleX*100)+"%".


                        -moz-transform" : "scale("+scaleX+")"