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    Charles M Level 1

      Here's the situation:


      I am working with media that is ProRes 422 (HQ),  23.976, 1920 x 1080.
      Audio is 16 bit 48k Hz


      I have edited my sequence and round-tripped it to SpeedGrade already.  I have an effect plug-in called Beauty Box on nearly every clip.


      I am using Open CL playback.


      Everything was copacetic.  Out of the blue, I suddenly started having issues with the image flickering during playback.  I wound up having to go back into Beauty Box settings on each clip and re-rendering them one at a time all the way down the timeline.
      Anyway, the situation worsened when Premiere began to no longer "un-render" the effect on each clip.  If I tried to alter the effect or turn it off, the video playback would just freeze (on that one clip).
      I finally re-rendered the entire timeline to a new location.  Of course, the flickering came back, so I have to once again render each clip individually.


      Things got even worse tonight when I tried to start my fine audio pass.  The same thing began to happen to the audio; playback would stutter and drop frames or finally stop altogether.


      I looked at the event log and saw multiple instances of the following message:




      Hardware specifics follow:



      Intel Core i7 8 core @ 3.20 GHz

      24 GB installed RAM

      Windows 7 Professional, Service pack 1, 64 bit


      video cards : 2 X AMD Radeon HD 7900 (3 GB Ram)


      Disk drives (all SATA):
      1 TB Lacie 7200 RPM for original media

      1 TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 for renders and previews

      320GB Western Digital Caviar Blue system drive


      Audio - RealTek HD audio (built-in to motherboard)
      Saffire Pro 14


      Any help would be greatly appreciated since at this point the work on this project has ground to a virtual standstill.  If any additional info is needed for diagnosis, please let me know.