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    Audio 's' sibilant problems in Premiere Pro Timeline

    dzbasspix Level 1

      I am noting that in the upper left "source" panel of Premiere Pro, audio and video files generally sound fine. I am noticing that when I put them on the timeline I get quite a lot of "s" hiss. DeEsser doesn't do anything. As well, narration that I record in Audition sounds fine there but ends up with the same problem in the timeline.  I have just started using this lately so am not sure what problem I have.  Is the timeline representative of the final audio quality or is it just a quick and dirty working area? If so then then the "source" would be more accurate.


      So far, I have:

      • noted this from submissions from other's.
      • not noticed the problem when playing the file straight out of Windows Media Player
      • tried a couple of mikes and windscreens,
      • tried a couple of different narrative voices, one of which has much better ears than me!

      Please advise. I am on a deadline! Thanks,