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    Dynamically finding the web root

      I am trying to make one of my applications truely dynamic so far as reading the xml configuration file. The configuration file is in my web root (config.cfm) this file is merely an XML file wrapped in comment tags to prevent anyone from seeing it if they browse it directly. There is also another file in the web root called findpath.cfm. Find path contains ExpandPath("*.*) which I am hoping to use to capture and save a variable with the physical path. The physical path to both of those files is C:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\opiax

      Well here is my question. Let's say I want to dynamically find the path to those files from this directory C:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\opiax\_admin in my application.cfm

      How could I do that using ColdFusion MX 6.1?