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    IDCS6 Table with many rows and repeating header export to PDF crash




      I'm experiencing a critical problem regarding our publication workflow where we produce large tables (> 3000 rows) with repeating headers.

      We are populating/creating the table rows by scripting and Indesign CS6 suddenly crashes when we try to export to PDF. (actually saving/export to  IDML is also crashing)


      To replicate:

      Sample IDML file can found at:


      This file is redacted (please ignore overset errors inside the cell contents)

      1. Open the IDML file in Indesign (using Indesign CS6 / Indesign Server CS6)

      2. After opening, create 2 new text frames on page 146 which are linked to the right text frame in page 145 so that the table contents flows into page 146. (ignore extra overset as this is just to replicate the crash)

      3. Try to export to PDF (print, any preset). Indesign will crash.

      Error prompted is

      AppName: indesign.exe AppVer: ModName table model.rpln

      ModVer Offset 0000d936


      The error goes away if I remove the repeating headers

      1. Open the file again

      2. Remove the repeating headers by converting them to body rows.

      3. Try to export to PDF (print, any preset).

      4. Indesign will not crash.


      We also tried this in Indesign Server and Indesign Server also crashes. (Note that Indesign CS6 and Indesign Server CS6 are on different computers)


      On a side note, sometimes Indesign Server throws an R6025 - pure virtual function call error and crashes.


      Please advise if this is a known issue and if there any workarounds.


      Other searches on table crash seem to point to fonts but only using Times New Roman and MingLiU.