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    Help with Lightroom 4.4!


      Several hundred RAW files were deleted from my hard drive. I had done a lot of editing and processing on them ready for delivery when it happened.


      They show up in Lightroom 4.4 as missing files but the settings, metadata, and star rating are still there.


      I have the unedited files backed up on an external hard drive but am having trouble applying the settings from the missing files to the backed up copies.


      I had renamed the files ready for delivery when they went missing so the names are different from the backed up copies, the names of which are ex-camera.


      Any suggestions on how I can save hours of re-processing would be appreciated, Matt.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          You probably need to figure out how to match the renamed files to the backups. If you can do that, and then rename each file and put it in the place where Lightroom expects it to be, then everything is fixed. Sounds like a lot of painful work.

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            elie-d Level 4

            What I would suggest is to make copies of the backup files, putting them into the location(s) where the deleted Raws were and then outside of LR changing their names to what the deleted ones had become. There are many applications (like Irfanview) that can do batch renaming to automate the job. Once the names are the same as what is listed in the LR catalog it should be easy to reestablish the connection, even if the location isn't quite right, by using "Find Missing Photo".