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    Expression: Assign specific (x,y) position to an "easier" value on a slider

    Søren Nowakowski Level 1

      Hi guys and girls!


      I have an animation in which a 50% opacity white shape layer acts as a highlighter for certain objects. These objects are all the same size, but they are scattered around the scene with different positions.

      I need this "highlighter" to go back and forth these objects in a predetermined order. Now, I COULD animate the position of the highlighter by hand, and use toggle hold keyframes the layers in question. But let's say there are 50 objects that needs to be highlighted, and that my client will surely come back to change the order of the highlight. Would it be possible to set up the scene so that each objects (x,y) position is assigned to a whole number on a slider? So when I need object 1 highlighted I just move the slider to "1" and keyframe it, object 2 = 2 and so on...


      I'm a complete beginner when it comes to expressions, and I hope you guys could help me out with this one