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    Creating a gloomy video effect


      Im in the middle of creating a "Thriller" like video with camera shot footage. I am trying to get ideas for creating a gloomy-like effect to give the "Thriller" theme to the video and looking for some ideas. Could anyone suggest some effects I could place on the video?



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          Panda Power

          for colors "Looks" is very good plugin with many filters

          After Effects would be usefull to make some blurs & darkness with masks to create more  deeper focus

          You can use some free smoke or fog templates and blend them with the scene

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            Peferling Level 4

            If your not into AE or desire to use a post processing tool (or you have an underpowered system), then you can do the poor mans/quick FX process.  I render the cuts only project out to a high resolution clip.  Then create a new project from which to apply FX to that clip.  Doing so will free up a lot of resources (as Premiere won't have to calculate all the other edits in the chain from the original edit) and give you more real-time feedback, (and if you really mess up, you won't screw up the original edit). 


            While you can sample the lumetri looks filters, you could also experiment and try desaturated colors or apply a look as a baseline and then add from there.  I will sometimes create a matte in Photoshop to use as a de-focused overly for vignette effect.