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    Photoshop CC 2014 crashes at start

    Thomas von Seth Level 1

      I am a subscriber of the Creative Suite with a big problem.


      Photshop and Bridge do suddenly not want to open. When I try to open Bridge nothing happens except for a “bling” from the computer indicating something is wrong.


      When I try to start PS the initial splash screen shows for a couple of seconds and then I get this message: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. Could not initialize Photoshop because of a problem using the Adobe Color Engine.


      I have tried to uninstall an then reinstall Photoshop. Today I upgraded Photoshop and Bridge without problems. I deleted the settings file (ctrl+alt+shift at start).


      I am running CC on Windows 8.1.


      What can I do? Please help, I am getting a little desperate!