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    "Could not open xxx.indd"

    Mansb Level 1

      When attempting to open an Indesign CS6 file which I saved yesterday, I get the message "Det gick inte att öppna xxx.indd" (in Swedish; In English it translates as "Could not open xxx.indd"). Trying to open the file in Indesign CC gives the same result.


      After having recreated the document from scratch I saved a copy in idml format. However, then next time I tried opening the file I get the same error message. Opening the idml file instead, the message says "Det gick inte att öppna filen "xxx.idml". Det finns inga funktioner för filformatet i Adobe InDesign, ett nödvändigt plugin-program saknas, eller är filen öppnad i ett annat program." ("Could not open xxx.idml. There are no functions for the file format in InDesign, a necessary plugin program is missing, or the file is open in another program.")


      I tried opening the idml-file in a text reader, and all it contains is this:


      PK    Z‹EËv‰++ mimetypeapplication/vnd.adobe.indesign-idml-packagePK      Z‹E



      The indd file is some ten megabytes in size, so it can't be empty. Is my layout lost, and how do I prevent this from happening again?