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    bug preview file

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      There is a problem with PP CC 8.1.

      When I create a file preview of my project, and then I work again and make changes on my project, PP often crashes (I never had this problem before) :

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          when I move my timline cursor, the program window is blocked or very very jerky but the sound goes on. PPpro is completely lost…

          I can't  restart PPro, I have to force to quit the application in the finder. Sometimes it crashes the whole mac… It crashes only with a preview.

          My Cuda is up to date.

          Mac OS maverick, IMAC 3,5 Core i7 2014 24GO RAM

          NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 Mo

          SSD 500 GO + DD extern 3TO

          My roughs and projects are stocked on my external disk (USB3 WD),  previews and working disk on the SSD