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    Strange flickering at top of long animated image


      Hi there, I've got a big project being produced in Edge at www.etreeoflife.com/timeline.


      So far so good, we're pretty happy with what Edge can do in terms of visual story-telling. The only problem we're having right now besides being fairly code-illiterate, is that as our 'tree' animates up, at the higher chapters it begins to flicker and disappear during animations and at stop points is hidden from view. I'm pretty sure this is a visual problem, not a placement issue. Can anyone take a look at the page and give us an idea of where we should go from here? Thanks! (Also we know this site is jury-rigged to death)


      I've uploaded the relevant .JS and html files here: http://adobe.ly/1slCYQ6


      Thanks for anyone's help on this, I love edge and am excited to use it!