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    different machines different looks?

    Shai Levy

      situation is:

      i have been editing a project on a MacBookPro for a while. all previews stored with the project on an external drive.


      i set up a new iMac machine (27'' Retina) and pick up the project where it's left.


      project opens up. previews are loaded and everything looks just right.


      clips having color correction effects (third party and premiere's own effects) but as soon as anything needs to be rendered again for any reason (line turns red from green), the look changes completely (goes way darker).


      investigating onwards, i found out that indeed, when exporting from timeline (not using previews), this dark look is what comes out in the exports.


      so in a way i'm relaxed because i know - what i see is what i get, then again what does it all mean? does it make any sense?