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    Adobe Presenter & MP4 Video


      In Presenter 10, can I use PowerPoint to produce a MP4 video with quizzes and also able to view learner interactions?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          No. Presenter doesn't output to MP4. You may want to look at Captivate for that.


          However, keep in mind that MP4 is a video, which means there is no interactivty. No tool will output an MP4 with quizzes and learner interaction tracking. You are looking at outputing to either Flash (SWF) or HTML5. Both Presenter and Captivate can output to either format (thought HTML5 does have some limitations on functionality) and can have quizzes and track learner interactions. Either format can have MP4 content within it, but they won't be straight up MP4's.