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    Creative Cloud isn't updating my Apps


      I'm running CC on an iMac with the Apps Photoshop2014, Bridge, Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom. CC always states that my apps are up-to-date even though they're not. When I go to the help menu of each App and try to find updates, it too will report that there isn't an update available.  I've tried downloading and reinstalling Creative Cloud without any change.


      To give more background......


      I have the same programs installed on my MacBook and they're updating fine on that computer. When I bought the iMac I mistakenly used Migration Assistant to install my MacBook apps on it and when I did that, Creative Cloud didn't work at all. After talking to Adobe phone support we got it working by deleting a number of files and reinstalling CC and Application Manager. If I'm not mistaken, after doing that, CC did update the Apps properly for a time but recently there was an ACR update that it wouldn't update and yesterday, there were updates to CC2014, CS6 and Bridge that updated properly on my MacBook but are not updating on my iMac with the iMac reporting that everything is up-to-date.


      I searched the discussions and saw this was an issue in the past with an Adobe Engineer saying that a file or files had to be deleted but he never stated what those files were.


      Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!