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    The ordinal 459 could not be located in the dynamic link library urlmon.dll.  FLASH PLAYER WOULD NOT INSTALL


      Please someone from Adobe HELP!

      I can’t install the latest security update for the flash player because from the beginning when I installed my Operating System (Windows 7 Home) I uninstalled Internet Explorer which after many trials and error trying to install other software’s I found out to be the “common denominator” after doing web research among other users with similar issues, so the conclusion is that there is some kind of dependency in the installation of the latest updates for the flash player that seem to assume that everyone uses Internet Explorer, which in my case I only have installed Mozilla Firefox. I have attached the error message that I get every time that I try to install the flash player from your website after downloading it. I would greatly appreciate all the help you can provide.

      -Fernando Acevedo
      Port St. Lucie, FL