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    Wrong default application launches when editing Smart Objects in Photoshop CS6

    Joel Blum Level 1

      Since upgrading to CS6 from CS5 (Mac OS), Photoshop calls up the wrong application when editing smart objects.


      In my Photoshop file I have a layer containing a smart object that was created in Illustrator (CS5) and saved as an EPS file (with an .eps filename suffix). Under previous versions of CS, when using the Photoshop command to Edit Contents, Illustrator would launch and a editable temp file would open with the name of the EPS file in its title bar, as it should. But in CS6, the EPS file opens in Preview instead of Illustrator. Further, the edit window shows the temp file's name with a PDF suffix, rather than the correct name with an EPS extension.  (i.e., the original Illustrator file that was placed and converted to a smart object was called "filename.eps" but the window that opens in Preview when asking to edit the object is called "filename.pdf.")


      I can't find file-handling options in Photoshop's preferences.


      I've gone to the Finder and discovered that the default app for the EPS file was Preview (this was not true prior to the upgrade to CS6), so I changed it to Illustrator CS6, but this did not change the behavior within Photoshop when trying to edit the object.


      How can I get the Smart Object to open in the correct application? Do I have to re-save all my Illustrator files in CS6? Do I have to save files as AI format with an .ai extension in order for Photoshop CS6  to open them in Illustrator? I have hundreds of files I would need to open and re-save...  :-/