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    Screen calibration MAC OS




      I am new to photography and Ps and in reading materials for beginners I learned that it may be necessary to calibrate my screen. The images I take will be included in powerpoint and keynote presentations.


      Is screen calibration necessary and if so, can you recommend an option or two?


      From what I have read online, some people say that you can calibrate manually, but since I am new to this I am a bit apprehensive about that.


      Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You don't need color management for presentations, since even if you were to create perfectly tuned images in Photoshop, the presentation apps wouldn't support it. that and of course the presentations themselves would run on anything from a shabby uncalibrated notebook to the boss' "mine is bigger" over the top, super-expensive Mac Pro, which of course he only ever uses for mail and Facebook... Absolutely pointless to even waste a thought on color management in this context.



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            Sharon5460 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply and lol @ "of course he only ever uses for mail and Facebook"


            I have been concerned that any adjustments I make to the brightness, temperature, etc of my images could turn out weird looking on someone else's screen, but based on your response I guess that is no longer a concern.

            Does it make any difference if the presentations will be turned into videos that will be posted online?

            Is color management mainly a concern for people who print?

            Are there circumstances other than printing that should cause me to be concerned with color management?