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    Multiple people using same admin account boot each other out




      One of our clients has a number of trainers that need to use the same admin email address to log in and export reports.  It seems like only one person can be logged into the account at a time, which makes sense - but this will cause the trainers that get booted from the CMS to lose their work.  Then there will be confusion over whether or not it's safe to log back in because they will boot the person out that just booted them.


      Is there a way to lock the login for an admin email so that if Person A is logged into the CMS, Person B won't be able to log into the CMS with the login until Person A logs out?


      If that isn't an option, is there a way to display on a web page whether or not the admin login is in use?  We just need some kind of automated way to mitigate this.  We can't have a shared doc where people can checkout the login because with the number of trainers, people are bound to mess up that kind of manual process.


      Any ideas are appreciated.