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    Random audio/video glitches in AME encoded files


      Am working in Win 7 Pro and CC (most recent update) on a project with a number of nested sequences and outputting Avid DNxHD so I can export to my Mac Pro and create ProRes files for client delivery. I am having various problems encoding or getting a properly encoded file.


      Sometimes AME won't start encoding, or it will encode but not show any indication. I can get it to work by selecting Export rather than Queue, but that ties up Premiere and can't edit. However I checked two different files that had problems. One inserted audio from another point in the timeline into the middle of a spot where it didn't belong. Another time a graphic title was inverted and filled with random color even though it was black and white.


      On the graphic I was able to re-output just that segment correctly, but would like it to be part of the complete encode.


      This is very frustrating. Is there an AME reset or other solution for this?