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    Exporting Animation Spec Sheets


      Hello All,


      I'm about to begin designing a Material Design mobile app. Anyone familiar with Google's Material Design Documentation knows how important animations are for this new design philosophy. I'm very excited about being able to create beautiful custom animations that the OS will support, but I'm concerned about how to make sure my developer has enough information to execute them accurately. In addition to the animation itself, I'm probably going to have to provide a Spec Sheet of sorts that will provide values for opacity, scale, position changes over time. Is there any way to automatically export this information from After Effects, so that I don't have to go through every property of every layer and transcribe it all out?


      If After Effects does not support Spec Sheet export in any way, I'm also curious about whether there are any extensions that would be able to...

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          There are two ways to do this:

          Create the animations yourself in After Effects, and deliver the files in the format necessary for use by your developer.

          Have your developer learn After Effects, and you serve as the design director.


          The link you supplied in your post leads to information that's just a prerequisite for a beginner's-level motion design class, the kind of stuff that should be on a freshman entrance exam.  I don't really understand why you regard it as being so revolutionary or ground-breaking.  Directors, photographers, editors and designers have known this information for decades... and perhaps more than a century.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            You don't create animations for an OS, do you? You tell the programmer how you want the animation to occur and he/she uses the programming language to execute the moves you design. IN the example where a photo is chosen from the list, you will not be animating the actual photo movement any more than you'll be animating the button clicks; those are done in the API. All you're going to be doing it designing stuff that your programmer will be trying to emulate in the OS.


            There are scripts that can be used to pick up animation settings and create a text image that displays on screen. I've seen them demonstrated but I have no experience with scripting. For instance, your movies could, using these scripts, run a heads up display of parameters as they change. However, you're asking for a lot of trouble. AE is not really a design workup environment. Most interface designers I know work in Powerpoint, which is swift and easy and lame, or they use  OS-specific development tools like, umm, BootStrap.


            I applaud Google for trying to educate their designer and programmers about the finer points of visual continuity and all but, LaRonde is right, we've been doing this stuff for a l-o-n-g time.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The math from After Effects to programming language is going to have to be tweaked to the point where it works. The After Effects frame is built on a finite set of pixels, programming animation may or may not.