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    Product website does not say what it actually is


      one of my teachers said he needed the "Adobe creative cloud video software" and as a novice I find quite a bit of assumption built in to Adobe that everyone must know a lot about their software.


      We purchase through Office Depot and their product page ( http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/488513/Adobe-Creative-Cloud-1-Year-Subscription/ ) is provided by the "Manufacturer" (I assume that means Adobe) and I literally cannot tell if there is any video editing software included.


      I found out later that "Premiere" is the video-editing software , but the description on the page does not explain that. It says "Simplify media management in large projects by building new bins automatically based on searches within your project, including new advanced Timeline searches. Streamline your workflow for large projects with mixed formats. Easily move all relevant files in projects and sequences to reduce your content based on user-defined preferences. And open new projects while working on the current one to bring all your content together in one workspace"


      I would not get "video editing software" out of that description!


      So I went to the main "Premiere" page at Video editing software | Download free Adobe Premiere Pro CC trial


      On the "Overview", the page title (visible only on the tab itself) is the only thing on the page that says it is video editing software. There are a few descriptions of some kind of addon product "Tap into the power of Premiere Pro on your iPhone and iPad with the new connected mobile app, Premiere Clip. Turn the clips you shoot on your device into great-looking videos, and then bring them into Premiere Pro CC to take them further" which mentions video editing clips but that is all. If I was doing a quick search, looking to see if this was video editing software, I would skip on and look elsewhere.

      It is not a big deal, I just find it interesting that Adobe assumes everyone already knows their products without having to say what they are, either that or they don't really care that much about newcomers who are not customers yet.