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    iMac 5K vs. Mac Pro which is best regarding render and export times?


      I am looking for a new edit machine and I am debating between the new iMac 5K or the Mac Pro.  I am looking for something that will save me time on compression exports.


      Typical Edit session:

      Adobe Premiere Pro CC mixed in with some compositions from After Effects CC.  Exporting through Media Encoder.


      - 90 minutes of Pro Res 422 footage

      - Simple dissolves between cuts

      - Green Screen keying

      - Light color correction

      - Non-animated graphics on screen

      - Possibility of some 4K footage (no more than 5 minutes)

      - Footage linked to external hard drive - Exports going to the same drive. (Thunderbolt work flow - see question below)


      When I edit rough cuts for client approval, I would be compressing them to H.264 for easier uploading times and playback through the cloud sharing service (either Vimeo, Dropbox, or Drive)


      Which of these machines will be the most efficient in rendering, exporting, and compressing?


      When I say efficient, I mean, will the Mac Pro save me an extra hour or two in exporting time?  From what I gather, they are almost identical.  The Mac Pro may speed up a little with 12-cores but the processor is slower on the 12-core.


      P.S - anyone have a trusted suggestion on a Thunderbolt 2 hard drive to edit off of?