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    Why does ACR CC not recognize QPcalibration from Nikon D810


      I used to make color calibrations with a QP Card 203:

      1) Take a picture of the QPcard in the actual light with f.ex. Nikon D300S,

      2) use QPcalibration to create a named colorprofile,

      3) wich shows in CameraRaw 8.7.1 Camera Clibration in CameraProfile dropdown list and in LR Develop Camera Calibration Profile. (If the picture is taken with Nikon D300S)


      But this does not work with Nikon D810.  

      The computer runs Win7 x64 professional(DK).

      LR 5.7, ACR 7.7, Ps CC 14.2.1 x64

      It has cameraprofiles in


      and in


      Everthing seems to work as it did with D300s except:

      I can´t persuade ACR and LR to show my new QP profiles!

      What is wrong?