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    Premiere stops playing video and hangs.

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      I am having strange problems with my project. The raw footage is Prores 422 quicktime files from Alexa camera. I cut the short film with hardly any problems straight with the source files, but since the last few weeks something strange happens. After a few seconds scrubbing the timeline or playing clips the files stop working. The program looks fine, I can change panels, open, close, but it won´t play any kind of file: qt files, wav, mp3, nothing. It just stops. Pressing play does nothing. The program window just stops showing anything and the source window shows waveforms if I load a sound file, but won´t play the thing. Also Premiere itself won´t close, just hangs. Any ideas? I believe is something related to Quicktime, as the file Adobe QT32 server just wont die after I force-close Premiere. I have to kill it manually or Premiere won`t start again.


      My system:


      Windows 7 64bits

      32 Gbs ram

      Quadro 5000

      Blackmagic Dekclink HD Extreme 3d+

      Premiere 8.1


      Thank you in advance.


      Sergio Rozas