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    Is there a way to show doc information for a CHM?

      I'm looking for a way to embed project properties (tech doc title, especially) into the compiled CHM so that a user can mouseover the filename in a file system (Windows Explorer, for example) and view doc information as you can in the Microsoft Office tools (Word and Excel, for example) and in PDFs generated by Acrobat from FrameMaker (Document Information).

      I have searched RHX5 from top to bottom for something that will let me enter the doc title and the company name. I have also looked in the trial copy of version 6 (I'm looking to upgrade my department soon).

      It is possible to add that information manually to a file in Windows Explorer (in File > Properties), but as soon as the CHM is copied to another folder location, the information vanishes.

      I won't bore you with all the boring details (unless you need them for further clarification), but many engineers at my company don't like our naming convention of using a doc control number for our output filenames--they want something more "meaninful." If I can find a way to get the mouseover to work for CHMs, I can solve most of the problems without creating new problems related to broken doc links on the company web site.

      Any ideas?