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    InDesign: how to skew text blocks without distorting text?


      I want to set up several large blocks of copy with these requirements:


      - the baselines of the text are at an angle on the page

      - the left and right edges of the text block are bang-on horizontal (aligned with the guides in the screenshot below)

      - the text block can be enlarged or reduced without changing the angle of the left and right edges

      - the letterforms themselves are not distorted


      This screenshot shows what I'm after.



      This screenshot shows the actual bounding box for the text block.



      This screenshot shows how the angle of the text box changes when I change its size.


      I think Illustrator has some sort of function that allows you to “zero” (reset any transformations to a 90-degree grid) an object after it’s been transformed. Not finding anything at all like that in InDesign. Nor am I finding any means to set a custom constrain angle which would allow me to use the direct selection tool (the white arrow) to change height or width with confidence.


      I would appreciate any tips! Thanks for your attention.