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    Printing as 11x17, but comes out 11 x 16.3125

    malore Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm printing from CS6 to a Canon Pro9000 Mark II. I have never had this problem before. In PS everything is set for printing like I have always had it: 11x17 image in PS printing to 13x19 so there is a nice 1" border around the image.


      Now, the margins are off. The height is 11" spot on, but the width isn't 17", but closer to 16 5/16 or, 16.3125.


      When I click "print" and the "print box" comes up, I have everything set as I always have: PS Manages colors. Photo Paper Platinum (printer profile), Normal Printing, Perceptual rendering intent, black point comp checked, position is checked for center and the scale is 100% at 240ppi.


      Can somebody please help me figure out why the image isn't printing true at 11x17? I'd really appreciate it.


      Thanks so much!