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    Onclick rustle/shake leaves and apples on a tree


      Hello I need help with creating this animation. I am beginner and this is my first ever animation so bare with me.


      I have created a tree growth using a mask and colouring in the mask on a new layer which I called 'tree' by keyframes to create the effect of tree growth then i have another layer for 'leaves' and 'apples'. First the leaves appear one by one - sometimes 3 at times (done with keyframes) and then apples appear in the same way.


      My problem is I can't seem to firgure out how to make the leaves and the apples shake/move when you click on it. The idea is the you click on tree (I have placed a button to test out, so I when i click the leaves start to appear and apples) and the leaves and apples start to shake and this other apple falls on the ground.