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    Premiere is playing audio from another clip

    TaylorH Level 1



      First of all I just want to say,


      This is my second major bug(Multicam audio will not play in timeline).


      My A-cam for my documentary feature was a Sony Fs700 which has an AVCHD format. I now have been forewarned by adobe with this page Audio and Video glitches | AVCHD footage that this format is buggy IN ADOBE. My problem is I had audio go straight into my sony fs700 and it does not play in adobe. Now if you go to that page I have imported it properly and even viewed it in the media browser and it does not play the audio. Audio plays fine in the finder and in FCPX which leads me to the workaround. I had to bring it into FCPX and then export the audio for it to fix this issue. These bugs are hideous and halt the artistic process which I already feel has been detrimental to me. Please help me continue using Premiere. I want to love it.