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    Flash Player will not install - OSX 10.9.5 w/ Firefox 34.0.5


      I know this question has been asked before, but since no one seems to have an answer for it I have no choice but to ask again.


      I was having trouble posting scores on a gaming website. The game ran fine, and I could log in successfully, but my scores never showed on the player list. The help section of the site suggested uninstalling / reinstalling Flash Player. I was having trouble with Flash elsewhere so I thought I'd give it a try. The uninstall was successful but now Flash will not reinstall. Now instead of a malfunctioning Flash Player I have no Flash Player at all.


      The install process goes as it should - the installer uploads to my desktop, I open it, I get the "Adobe Flash Player Installer" window, I double-click in the icon, I'm asked if I'm "sure I want to open it," I click "open," I enter my administrator password, then comes the problem. The next pop-up window has a black background and for about 1/2 second you can see the words "Retrieving Install" and a loading progress bar, then the words disappear and you're left looking at the blank black box. That's it.


      I have Ghostery, Lightbeam, and HTTPS Everywhere add-ons on Firefox. I turned Ghostery off through this process.


      Thanks in advance.