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    How can I keep one of my audio tracks stationary when syncing multiple tracks?

    iblokh Level 1

      I am trying to edit a video that has external audio from an H4N recorder and internal audio from 2 Canon DSLRs. The internal audio is just there to help my sync everything and will be muted during output. From the H4N I have one long, continuous recording, but from the cameras I have shorter clips, not all of which happened exactly after the previous one.


      Here's the issue I'm having: when I sync the two video clips & the external audio early in the timeline, everything lines up (using the automatic synchronization based on waveform). However, when I am syncing clips later in the timeline, sometimes Premiere chooses to pull the external audio track FORWARD (thus bringing it out of alignment with the earlier video), rather than pushing the video tracks BACK (which is what I need).


      Is there some way to tell Premiere which tracks should and should not be moved during sync? If I lock the track, then I cannot use the sync function on it at all. I basically need a way to specify that one track should be used as the "anchor" and that others should be moved forward or backward as needed, without moving the "anchor" track.