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    Burn Challenge


      I originally was using Premiere Elements 11. Without adding any other soft or hard-ware Elements 11 locked up every time I tried to burn to a disc. Last Friday (December 5) out of frustration I upgraded to Premiere Elements 13 hoping that my problem would be solved. It was for 1 day then I received a Windows 8.1 update and all has stopped again. I have tried all of the items suggested on the Adobe site to resolve but no luck

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Let us start with the classic question - if you cannot burn to disc with Premiere Elements 11 or 13, can your burn to Folder (4.7 GB) with either of these versions? And, now in version 13, can you do successful burn to ISO Image?


          And, what is this burn to disc...

          DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc

          AVCHD format on DVD disc


          Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc?


          Where are the burn lock up occurring

          Encoding menu 1 of .....

          Encoding Media

          Compiling Media



          Let us start here and then decide which way to go in the troubleshooting.



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            VIGerry Level 1

            Hi, Yes I can burn to a folder. Let me explain further. When I go to Publish - Share, and select (by clicking) on "Disc", Premiere Elements stops and locks up. I have been using Premiere Elements since version #3 on a range of previous computers and all worked well until now.

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              Thanks for the additional details. It is getting late where I am so I will think about this some more in the morning.


              For now, just some just in case questions


              a. Was there a disc (DVD or Blu-ray) in the burner tray when you hit "Disc" in the path of Publish+Share/Disc?


              b. About your experience with Premiere Elements 13, you wrote

              It was for 1 day then I received a Windows 8.1 update and all has stopped again.

              Were you able to uninstall the Windows update and reverse the process so that you were able to use Publish+Share/Disc/

              again? (By Windows 8.1 update, I am assuming you mean a Windows Update rather than an operating system update from Windows 7 or 8 to 8.1.)


              c. Were you running versions 11 and 13 from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?


              d. What was the first version of Premiere Elements where this type of problem set in - version 11? And, on what computer operating

              system was involved when you first ran into this "Disc" issue?


              More later.


              Thanks for the follow ups.



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                VIGerry Level 1

                I have tried with both a disc in the burner and inserting a disc after and the program locked in both cases

                On Sunday burning a disc worked after the was an automatic Adobe update, On Monday it occurred to me that I should set a restore point which I did. Later on Monday I tried burning and Premiere Elements 13 locked up. I did a restore but it did not correct. I believe that on Sunday night after Premiere was working and Monday when I set the restore point the Windows update occurred. I have used only Windows 8.1 on both Premiere 11 and 13. Yes I have Admin privileges as this is my home computer. I was successfully using version 11 and at the beginning of November I was away for about 3 weeks in Africa taking lots of video. When I returned I used the video I took and created a project using version 11. When I went to burn the project the lock up occurred. Since then I have tried with small files and I get the same results, system lock up. I can use all other Publish/Share functions but being able to burn playable BluRay and DVD's is important to me.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the additional information.


                  Have we gone through the usual drills...

                  1. Does the problem exist with and without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?

                  2. What video card/graphics card does your computer use? Please verify with Device Manager/Display Adapters, names

                  and how many.

                  3. Are you using a pen and tablet device or the mouse?

                  4. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on the computer along with Premiere Elements?

                  5. Do you have access to a USB external DVD burner that you can include in the system after you disable the burner that has

                  been in use?

                  6. Do you have any burn software installed on your computer besides the burn software that is included in the Premiere Elements burn to disc?

                  Any other programs on that computer that might be candidates for interfering programs or devices?


                  I will think about this some more and will be watching for your reply for these current thoughts.



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                    VIGerry Level 1

                    Hi Again

                    Thank you for your help. Here is where I'm at with this. I have gone through the usual "drills" and nothing helped up to yesterday when (being optimistic) I tried again and Premiere 13 worked as it should and I was able to burn to BluRay or DVD as it should. I have no real idea what made it work but in the last few days I had a Windows Update and also downloaded Adobe Pro (Cloud version) out of frustration with elements 13. I have used Premiere since version 3 and really enjoy the ease of this program and it just keeps getting better with each upgrade provided it is working correctly. In any case thank you, don't know hat solved the issue but it's working and all seems good.

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                      Thanks for the update. Glad for the great news that the problem resolved itself in spite of not revealing the whys.


                      Is the Adobe Pro (Cloud version) a tryout or a subscription purchase? If you downloaded Adobe Pro before the Premiere Elements fix, then

                      please let us know if Premiere Elements reverts to not working if and when you uninstall the Adobe Pro.


                      But, right now we will enjoy the successful news that all is working so that you can move forward with your Premiere Elements projects.


                      Best wishes