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    Updating my flash player


      I need some help


      I have not been able to update my flash player for some time.  I have just ignored it until now when I would like to run something but I cannot since it's old.

      What happens when I try to update us I click to download the update, then upen Adobe Flash Player Installer file to install.  I small window pops up that is black and thats it.  Nothing.  If I try and X that window out I can't.  I then have to open the task manager to shut it down that way.

      I looked online to see if I could fix then and came across opening up plug ins and making sure they are all set to active and they are.

      I am running Firefox and still have IE on my computer so I went in there to see if its the same and it is there too.

      How to I fix the problem to update the latest version?

      When I went into IE I took a screen shot, this is identical to Firefox which is what I run normally.