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    ADE can´t open ebook PDF with DRM Lifecycle Rights Management




      the ADE can´t open the pdf files with Adobe Lifecycle Rights Management.

      I have download a Ebook in pdf file format with DRM at adobe lifecycle rights management.

      The Reader XI can this open and work with them.

      The ADE Suite can´t read this file and say some errors found on the dokument.

      The adobe reader on the device (ebookreader Pocketbook 840 with newest softwareversion) do not open this file and without messages give up.


      The Pocketbook Support tell to me contact adobe support.


      My problem i don´t have information of the adobe softwar on the pocketbook. Only by cummunity some

      The ADE 4.x and 3.x tested without solution.

      Support files or dumps from device not available.


      Why the ADE not support "adobe" lifecycle rights management.

      And can i close this gap?


      I`m only the consumer on pocketbook and onliehe.de

      The Adobe licensee/customer Pocketbook and Onleihe.de do not support or don like support own customer at this issue.


      Kind regards



      Sorry for my bad english

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          at this situation a call with Hotline at Adobe, the ADE no listed and closed talk by system. "Many Thanks".

          This can`t not be a serios Solution.

          At producer from the device not fully unterstand the problem-

          ADE can´t read the File and tell back its corrupt.

          The device (Pocketbook 840) with Adobe Viewer stoped open file without message.

          Pocketbook Support say download only products with support. PDF with DRM it´s ok, but not Adobe Lifecycle.

          Thats can´t be the right way to sell products without support of own fail.and say buy other E-Books.


          At wait on 11 days to see at this support instrument are only help for lightweight problems. I see to much questions without message from moderator, the consumer can´t do adobe work.


          Kind regards

          Eduard Kick