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    flash player version 16??? is a joke

      your latest version is crap. i've never ever seen flash crash across so many different websites and i've been using windows since it came out in 95.


      Have you people even heard of something called QA? That's quality assurance... it's what u have to make darn sure that your product works with all the majors like browsers and major pages that would have video feeds like facebook.


      If you can't make an installer in the 21st century that automatically knows how and where to remove the old files and install CORRECTLY the new files then you should LOOSE your damn job yesterday.


      absolutely disgusting and damn unprofessional.


      so i'd strongly suggest that you make a new patch that works perfectly with the latest windows build and the latest fire fox and chrome builds and use the same coding that u had in the last version of your NOW unprofessional software so that your crap works once again with most other pages that have been designed to work with your **** that you just released and DUMPED on the general public.