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    The Submit button doesn't work

      Hi all,

      this is my first post, so first off all sorry for any bad english.

      I have some code that makes a login system in flash with PHP.
      Well the problem is that when i click de submit button when registering a new user, flash wont go to the frame i want (just stands in the same frame), still the user is registered in the database.

      this is the code of the button:

      help please.
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          jthereliable Level 1
          Try this code.
          I'm not positive it would work but I think the problem is that you put the loadvars within the function (?). I don't know if that'll cause any problems but I assumed it would.
          In addition to that, I'm not sure if anything in error might be returned. My assumption is that it should be undefined. But then again, it might be null, not undefined. So, just to make sure, I included to check if user != "ok".

          Well, I hope it does work!
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            sahagin Level 1
            i tanks for reply.

            well i apreciate your code and all, but someone just found the error in another forum.

            where this.gotoAndStop("new_ok"); should be just gotoAndStop("new_ok");