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    Why can I not use licensed CS6 apps after canceling Creative Cloud subscription?

    Jim Gasperini Level 1


      I purchased and used for many months (perhaps years) a stand-alone version of CS6.


      At a designer conclave at Adobe I was given a free 4-month subscription to Creative Cloud Design Premium. I started using it in March 2014. After the free months ran out, I continued to use the CC and then CC-2014 products for several months, paying something like $76/month for the privilege.

      I cannot afford the high ongoing cost of being on top of Adobe's updates. A month ago I cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription, after saving my InDesign files in a format that could be read by InDesign CS6. For some weeks I happily reverted to using the applications in my CS6 license.

      Now, suddenly, I can no longer open my CS6 applications. When I try to open Photoshop CS6, or InDesign CS6, Adobe Applications Manager appears, demanding that I renew my Creative Cloud subscription before I can open any files.



      I have tried uninstalling all the major applications of CC and CC 2014. I have tried reinstalling CS6 from the CD-ROM. For reasons known only to Adobe, after I do so the list of applications associated with my Adobe ID does not include my CS6 install.


      I have also tried installing the CS6 applications to a different Adobe ID. Adobe ignores the distinction. When I try to open a CS6 application, Application Manager appears, claiming that I am "logged in" under the Adobe username associated with my cancelled Creative Cloud subscription. No matter that I logged out of that username, and logged in under the other.


      I tried reaching Adobe about this several ways, without success. In Support Chat I supposedly got connected to people with Indian names, but the button to "send" a response to them was dead.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.