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    I Found A Solution (for Windows 7, FireFox users)

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      I had a problem updating flash player earlier. I use Windows 7 and FireFox. Here's what I did:


      1) Uninstall the old version

      2) Click on this link and choose Save File (I got this from the adobe site -- after searching for a solution over a long frustrating period of time):




      3) Close the browser (I was using FireFox)

      4) Go to your downloads folder (or wherever your downloads go)

      5) Find the file that says: install_flash_player

      6) Open that file

      7) Follow its directions and then re-open FireFox and try to watch something. It should work.

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          That is the strangest thing ever.


          I opened the uninstaller program like you said, and for once it actually gave me some kind of message (Close Firefox, you dummy!)


          However, after uninstalling it, I went ahead and tried to use install_flashplayer16x32au_mssd_aaa_aih.exe just to see if it would work and the same problem happened. I also made sure that I closed Firefox and all other programs that interfered with it.


          I clicked on your link to get the installer and it worked.


          So I think the real problem is upgrading from an existing older edition to the latest one. Or maybe the real problem is version 16. I had this problem for months actually.


          It wasn't until Firefox's new annoying update that made me have to check off which websites to Allow or Continue Blocking every single time that drove me here.


          At the time I was using Maybe that had something to do with it.


          Anyways, thanks for the help. Who knew something as easy as reinstalling it would work, but then again I would have had to download that specific installer you sent me.