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    Transparency Question?  Odd results?

      I am trying to understand how Flex implements transparent panels/canvas'

      I placed several component onto a Panel (i.e. Text, image and a button). When I change the Alpha property of the Panel via the slider in the property dialog, I see the background of the panel slowly disappear BUT I also see my image and button slowly disappear. What gives?

      Thanks for any information.

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          peterent Level 2
          Whenever you set a component's alpha it affects all of its children. Just like when you change a container's x,y location all of its children go with it.

          Maybe what you want to change is the Panel's backgroundAlpha and borderAlpha. The backgroundAlpha is the 'white' or interior area. The borderAlpha is the frame around the background.
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            eTJC Level 1
            Yes. Thanks. This seemed to solve my problem. I was able to place buttons and images on the panel and have the panel transparent, but not the images or buttons transparent.

            One thing though, I needed to set the headerHeight of the panel to 0 in order to completely make the panel invisible. Not setting the headerHeight to 0 caused a small white line to appear (probably the top border of the panel).