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    Flash Player does not install detected language


      Hi guys,


      when you'll fix that annoying issue? or is there something I'm missing?


      Wanted to update my FP and not for the first time, while updater is detecting the correct settings (in my case: Win7, English, 64-bit), it tries to install language version from the region i'm currently in (right now, in my case, its Dutch). Don't have to tell you how annoying is that! I mean, why detecting your settings, if anyway you'll make me install something completely different! So lets say next time I'm in China while new FP comes out, and then what?


      And the best part is, I'll have to go through multiple pages of, lets be honest, a totally bullcrap help, to finally find somewhere at the very bottom a link to "download the installer directly from the following sites". That link, surprise surprise, lets me download and install the FP... yes, you guess correctly, in english.

      Get your **** together, guys, it really is high time to do just that.