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    improving framerate on a huge stage

      I have a movie that involves a container movie with three elements: a menu, a media player in the bottom corner, and a large field movieclip. In this field I am loading a bunch (9 I think) or other swfs, each representing a cluster. The user can zoom into these clusters and interact with the individual swf's, then click a blank area to zoom back out and view all the clusters, and pick another one to zoom into, and so forth. Each cluster is a swf roughly 1024x768 and a size of about 200kb, containing rollover movie clips and such. When zoomed out, each clip is disabled by a dummy button that lives on the top layer of the cluster, then when zoomed in, the cluster is advanced to a frame without the button and is interactive.

      So the main problem here is how to achieve an acceptable framerate while scale and coordinate tweening this gigantic field of swfs. The best results I have gotten are by switching to low quality when zooming. This moves my fps from about 8-10 at high quality to about 15-17 at low quality. Looks acceptable on my machine, which is really fast, but on the average users computer, it is still extremely choppy.

      Has anybody had experience with something similiar? I was thinking about using low quality pngs when zoomed out instead of the actual loaded swfs, but I figure that the swfs will still have to be rendered each frame so it would only add to the problem. Am I wrong?